Becoming a pilot comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge. DGCA evaluates us on whether we understand the working principles of nature, technology, law and direction, to make sure as pilots our each action in the cockpit is calculated and is for a reason.

Akshey Sood, taught us Navigation, Meteorology and POF. He made us understand the fact that in aviation there is no such thing called hypothesis, everything happens for a reason. His approach towards topics was to make us understand the concept behind it and this made studying aviation so much easier and fun.The notes created by him are the perfect summary of the big tedious books. In the notes he has included highlighted keywords which are important for the exam point of view.

I followed the instructions of my mentor Akshey, and this helped me clear my Navigation, Metrology, and Air Law and Regulations exams in one attempt. For aspiring pilots, I would highly recommend to reach out to them for professional advice, as they are highly experienced and will help you with correct guidance.