1. Requirements for issue of Licence— An applicant for an ATPL  shall satisfy the following requirements :—

(a) Age— Candidates shall be not be less than 21 years of age on the date of application;

(b) Educational Qualification— Candidates shall have passed class 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics or its equivalent examination from a recognised Board/University.

(c) Medical Fitness— Class I Medical Certificate (Indian) from a DGCA approved medical examiner

(d) Knowledge— Written and oral examinations.

Written examination

  • Air Navigation
  • Radio Aids and Instruments
  • Aviation Meteorology

Oral Examination

The candidates, who have secured a minimum of 70% marks in the Theoretical knowledge Examination of Air Navigation and Radio Aids & Instruments subject, will be eligible for Oral Examination of that subject.

A candidate shall be declared PASS, if he / she secures a minimum of 70% marks in the Oral Examination.

In case, a candidate fails in the first oral examination, he can avail two additional chances to appear in the oral examination within a time period of two years from the date of result of the respective subject of the Theoretical knowledge examination.

In case, a candidate fails in all the three attempts of Oral Examination, he / she shall be required to re-appear in the Theoretical knowledge examination of the particular subject irrespective of the two year validity period.

(e) Experience— Candidates require a minimum of  1500 hours of flight time and their total flying experience shall include —

(i) Minimum 250 hours of flight time as Pilot-in-Command or as a Co-Pilot performing under the supervision of a pilot in command qualified as a Check pilot. (100 hours out of these shall be cross-country flight time, including a minimum 50 hours of flight time by night.)

(ii) Minimum 500 hours of total cross-country flight time;

(iii) Minimum 100 hours of flight time by night;

(iv) Minimum 75 hours of instrument time under actual or simulated instrument conditions of which a minimum of 50 hours shall be in actual flight;

(v) Minimum 20 hours of flight time completed within a period of 6 months preceding the date of application for the licence.


(f) Other Requirements

(i) The candidate shall be the holder of a Commercial or a Senior Commercial Pilot’s Licence. However, this will not be applicable for the issue of ATPL to a pilot from Armed Forces who otherwise meets the requirements;

(ii) The candidate shall have a current Instrument Rating on a multi-engine aircraft;

(iii) The candidate shall be in possession of a current Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) for operation of radio telephone apparatus on board an aircraft issued by the Director-General.

(g) Skill— The candidate shall have demonstrated their competency to perform by day and by night the procedures and manoeuvres prescribed in the syllabus to the satisfaction of the Examiner, on the type of multi-engine aeroplane to which the application for licence relates within a period of 6 months preceding the date of application.

2. Validity — 5 Years