In aviation there is no such thing called hypothesis, everything happens for a reason

Becoming a pilot comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge. DGCA evaluates us on whether we understand the working principles of nature, technology, law and direction, to make sure as pilots our each action in the cockpit is calculated and is for a reason.

Akshey Sood, taught us Navigation, Meteorology and POF…

Rahil Mathur

Trainee Pilot-Skyhawk Aviation, Lanseria International Airport.
May 20, 2020

The student interface is very good and very friendly to catch up the concepts

Hi, I am Abhishek Agarwal and I am with Individual Cpl classes from a month. Mentors are very friendly , motivating and are very patient with doubt clearing. All my concepts are very clear. The student interface is very good and very friendly to catch up the concepts. The whole mentor team helps with va…

Abhishek Agarwal

Aug 24, 2020

My instructors Akshey Sir and Aman Sir, focus on mainly on the subject concepts and are very approachable to clear my doubts at any time.

My requirement for online CPL classes was very specific owing to my full time job at the Indian Railways. I needed classes at flexible timings to adapt to my daily routine.
I did my research online where I came across the website of Individual CPL Classes. I reached out to them and connected with Akshey Sir who suggested that I take a demo class t…


Indian Railways
Jun 29, 2020

Teaching methodology is exemplary

I took my DGCA classes from Akshey Sood. His classes were very helpful for me to understand the topics thoroughly. He is very knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches. He is very approachable to students to clear doubts without any hesitation. His teaching methodology is exemplary. He not only made us learn but …

Anurag Tomar

Trainee Pilot
May 20, 2020

Together, they make an amazing team!

Akshey and Najmal sir were my former instructors when I started my studies for getting a commercial pilot license. 

Akshey sir taught me Meteorology and Navigation. I was a bit under confident before I met him, but he made me understand really complex topics in very practical and easy ways. He goes an extra mile to mentor his students. The best part about his lessons is that you can never get bored as he is fun and at the same time never fails …

Saher Ahmad

Trainee Pilot
May 20, 2020

Puts in best effort to bring out the best in you!

Akshey is a very calm and patient teacher with in-depth knowledge of the subjects he teaches. He takes care of each student’s understanding capability and uses a lot of practical examples for easy and effective knowledge transfer. He puts in his best effort to bring out the best in you!

Ritu Kapoor

Trainee Pilot - Pioneer Flying Academy
May 20, 2020

Instrumental source of support to meet my goals

Besides having passed my CPL exams as a proud student of Akshey’s, he also helped me with the right choice of flying school to meet my requirements. I am very thankful to him for being an instrumental source of support to meet my goals in life. I would recommend his classes to anyone who wants to be a pilot….

Arjun Soni

Trainee Pilot- Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation
May 20, 2020

Can confidently recommend individual CPL classes to any aspiring pilot

I was working with an airline for almost 10 years before I decided being a pilot would be my career. I was very concerned about studying after a gap of 15 years. Akshey and Najmal as my trainers, have helped me overcome this concern! They explain using a lot of examples which has helped me to easily gra…


Trainee Pilot
May 20, 2020

Cleared 3 subjects in a single attempt!

Akshey’s classes are delivered in a very easy and understandable manner. I appreciate that he is always on time and arranges my classes to adapt to my schedule. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of his lessons and that he is very approachable to clarify my questions. It was very important for …


Trainee Pilot- AGRO-AERO, Szeged
May 20, 2020

Need a good instructor for DGCA CPL Ground School Subjects? Look no further!

I had the pleasure of being Akshey Sood’s student after completing my Commercial Pilot Training in the USA to convert my license to the DGCA (Indian) one.

Akshey is a very competent and professional ground instructor.

He has a good grasp of and ability to explain concepts to make students understand. At the …

Bharath Shyamsunder

May 20, 2020